3 Best Guns in Free Fire for Headshot

3 Best Guns in Free Fire for Headshot

3 Best Guns in Free Fire for Headshot

Garena hosts a variety of guns in the Free Fire game. All of these weapons have great weapon stats that help players fight opponents from close, middle and long-range.

Performing headshots in a battle royal match is important if players want an advantage over their enemies. Headshots allow players to deal maximum enemy damage with minimal shots.

This article will list the 3 Best Guns in Free Fire for Headshot, that help players get accurate headshots in the game.

Disclaimer: The article I am writing is not in any particular ranking or order of any kind. This article lists each weapon for closed, mid as well as long-range combat. This author’s statement reflects my personal opinion. Readers may have differing opinions.

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Which are the 3 Best Guns in Free Fire for Headshot?

Note: These weapons are mentioned without their skins. Also, making a headshot depends on the individual skills of the player.

1 – M1887

M1887 in Free Fire
M1887 in Free Fire

The M1887 is one of the larger caliber double-shot shotguns that easily kill enemies at close range. This weapon has a high damage rate of 100. Therefore, it can easily knock down players with a few blasts. With a right objective connected on the head, the M1887 does a headshot and kills the enemy in one go.

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Close-range players can also opt for SMG like the MP40. This helps players make quicker and more accurate drag-headshots.

 2 – Scar

The Scar is the most compact AR weapon ever. It performs effectively in mid-and long-range fighting. Drag-headshots are quite simply super easy to use. The Scar has a decent damage rate of 53 and a superb fire rate of 61. In this, you get an accuracy of 41.

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AK is most commonly used and, players use it for a quick and easy headshot.

3 – AWM

The AWM is a high-damage sniper rifle available only on airdrops. It is one of the most optimal weapons for sniper lovers. It has a 90 damage and accuracy rate that allows players to easily take down enemies at far range.

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Although the AWM is a very powerful sniper rifle, it performs better on stationary targets than on dynamic ones. If players have a quick scope at enemies, the AWM auto-headshot takes aim.

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