5 Reasons Why Free Fire Players Fail To Win 4v4 Fights During Rank Push

5 Reasons Why Free Fire Players Fail To Win 4v4 Fights During Rank Push

Gangs fights in ranked Free Fire matches can be remorseless. Both the gangs are out to win and utilizes every item in their checklist to make it possible. While the triumph usually goes to the best team, instead of those who lose out due to silly mistakes most of the time. The better thing is that these mistakes are minor in nature and can be sort out once identified.

There are 5 mistakes that Free Fire players makes in ranked games

1) Lack of teamwork and coordination:-

One of the most common reasons why Free Fire players looses from winning the battle 4v4 fights during rank push is due to a lack of coordination. Often teammates will take up judicious positions, but fail to execute their role, leaving the team mates tilted towards badluck. On the other hand, the entire plan of attacking the other teammates is not set up correctly or teammates deviate from the plan. When this happens opponents sees an opening and apply pressure, which will either force the team to fall back or get eliminated.

2) Choosing the wrong personalities to use in combination:-

One of the most common reasons why players fail to win 4v4 fights during a rank push in Free Fire is due to the wrong Choice of personalities. While each character’s ability one or the other way is good in a certain situation but not in every situations, not being able to merge them to exaggerate fighting efficiency is a huge mistake. Often the entire squad picks aggressive characters that experts in rushing, and usually forget to pick supporting characters whose abilities are focused around survivability and healing.

3) Uneven diffusion of loot:-

Seeking for a good loot is a vital aspect when it comes to winning 4v4 fights in Free Fire. However, more important than getting good loot is to ensure that it is dispersed evenly so that the team can function out well and in a more loyal manner. Many a times during a match, teammates will reserve supplies that they don’t need rather than sharing it with other teammates. This can lead to tangible disadvantage during the rage of heat in while battling.

4) Not knowing how to use personality skills more maturely:-

Often at times, the players who do have a real powerful characters does not know how actually to use the powers and rely totally on weapons and after that eventually tries to get the job done. This leaves the rest of the team at a huge disadvantage, which opponents can use for their advantage. Unlike other royale battle games that only focuses on gunplay alone is not going to work in this free fire games. Many of the utilising items are given but they don’t know how to use it thoroughly.

5) Efficiency gap between teammates:-

the main reasons why gang vs gang fights in Free Fire does not work out in the game is due to their quality gaps. Often during a team fight, some members of the gangs are better at their prescribed roles than others. This eventually leads to a situation where one or more teammates have to be carried ahead of everyone during the game, making it harder for the team to function, fight, and win just because of one ragefull unit.

So, we should first study about this game and then we can overcome all the issues in this battlefield. While we need to work more on teamwork and not to lose temperament during the game and specially when a particular person is working in a team!

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