5 Tips to Increase Headshots Percentage in Free Fire

5 Tips to Increase Headshots Percentage in Free Fire

5 Tips to Increase Headshots Percentage in Free Fire

While firing at a target is easy enough in Free Fire, being able to land a headshot is not. Getting the right headshot during a match takes a lot of practice and skill, especially when shooting at moving targets.

While landing headshots isn’t an absolutely necessary skill to win every match and get a buoy, being able to land them will increase your chances of winning. By following a few simple tips, any player can become better at landing headshots.

How to Increase Headshots Percentage in Free Fire

5) Take time and aim

While professional and experienced Free Fire players will be able to zig-zag their fingers and shoot with precision, beginners should avoid doing so. Instead of trying to be fast, beginners should take their time and aim at the target slowly.

Starting slowly and learning how to aim accurately is the first step towards shooting with precision. Although the process will be tedious at first, over time, players will learn how to aim faster.

4) Automatic fire escape

While automatic weapons are a good way to rapidly eliminate an enemy in Free Fire, they tend to be inaccurate due to the high recoil. Shooting full auto not only reduces the chances of hitting headshots but also reduces the chances of landing on shots.

Players can learn to land headshots using either semi-automatic or single-shot weapons. They tend to retreat, and players can use them to improve their ability to land headshots.

3) Receive scope attachment

It is important to be able to see the target precisely in Free Fire. Players will not be able to shoot accurately without seeing the target clearly. However, there is a way to overcome this situation.

A lot of weapons in the game can be fitted with a scope attachment. By using these attachments, players will be able to see clearly their target and will be able to get better headshots.

2) Avoid hip fire

Beginners in Free Fire will often settle for the Hip Fire mode to shoot at the target. While this method will work during the learning phases of the game, eventually players will have to learn how to aim the sight down.

Knowing how to aim the down sight correctly in the game will not only help improve accuracy but will allow players to land more headshots with ease at any distance.

1) Master the sniper rifle

Unlike other weapons in the game, snipers are guaranteed to eliminate a player with a single shot most of the time. With 8x zoom, players will be able to get a headshot easily due to the clear visibility.

Although it will take some time to learn to use a sniper rifle efficiently, it is well worth the effort. Players looking to get better at landing headshots should practice with a sniper.

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