Garena Free Fire vs COD Mobile

Garena Free Fire vs COD Mobile Which Game has More Game Modes and Maps?

Garena Free Fire vs COD Mobile Which game has more game modes and maps?

Free Fire or COD Mobile are feature-rich survival shooters where players can sit with friends or go alone. Although both games feature Battle Royal as their main concept, COD is more inclined towards the mobile multiplayer aspect.

Both titles include different gameplay modes and maps for players. This article lists all the maps and lists available in Free Fire vs COD Mobile and analyzes them to see which is more and better.

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COD Mobile vs Free Fire, which of them has better gameplay modes and maps in April 2021?

Free Fire Maps

Currently, Garena Free Fire hosts 4 major battle royale maps: Joe Kalahari, Bermuda Remastered, Bermuda and Purgatory. The Bermuda Remastered Map has been permanently added to the game as promised after the OB27 update.

Maps in COD Mobile

The Battle Royal section at COD Mobile currently hosts two maps: the Classic and the Sniper Challenge. The latter is a time-limited BR map that can be removed after a certain time.

Gameplay Mode in Free Fire

Gameplay modes in Free Fire
Gameplay modes in Free Fire

Free Fire has several gameplay modes for players to try. Here is a wide assortment of modes:

  • Ranked Game (Bermuda, Purgatory)
  • Classic (Ranked and Non-Ranked)
  • Clash Squad (Ranked and non-Ranked)
  • Big-Headoud

Gameplay mode and sub-mode in COD Mobile

Gameplay modes in COD Mobile
Gameplay modes in COD Mobile

Here are the game modes and sub-modes of COD Mobile:

  • Battle Royal
  1. Classic
  2. Sniper challenge
  • Multiplayer
  1. Core: Team Deathmatch, Search and Destroy, Frontline, Kill Confirmed, Hardpoint, Domination, Gunfight, Free For All
  2. Featured in: Oasis 24/7, 10v10, Gun Game Moshpit, Rapid Fire

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Decision: Which game has more maps and modes?

COD Mobile and Free Fire are among the industry leaders in the esports community, and both also have unique features to cater to users The latter has more maps for the BR mode, as seen above.

Although Free Fire does not have as many gameplay modes as COD Mobile, it never fails to give players the best performance. The latter has much more variety in gameplay modes but lacks the ability to perform on low-end devices. It runs better on mid-range devices and beyond.

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