How Many Downloads Of BGMI

How Many Downloads Does BGMI Have? – How Many Downloads Of BGMI

How many downloads does BGMI have? – How many downloads of BGMI

Hello friends, in today’s article we will tell you how many downloads of BGMI are there? Many of you will not be aware of this, if you also do not know about it, please read this article carefully so that you can understand how many downloads of BGMI are there and this game will be available in the coming time. How many people can download?

Friends Battleground Mobile India has been made to play in our India country because our Indian government had banned Pubg mobile so Crafton company made Battleground Mobile India which people can enjoy and play this game.

BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) is the game of which country?

Friends, before knowing about Battleground Mobile India, it becomes very important for all of you to know which country has made Battleground Mobile India, as well as which country the game, is.

The question will still be arising in the minds of many people that if PUBG Mobile is a Chinese game then Battleground Mobile India will also be a Chinese game, but let us tell those people that Tencent company had launched the PUBG Mobile game. Which is a Chinese company but Battleground Mobile India is launched by Crafton Company and it is a South Korean company.

Friends Battleground Mobile India has been launched in the year 2021 and Yagyam is becoming very popular among people because the size of this game is very less and it runs smoothly on small devices.

How many downloads does BGMI have? – How many downloads of BGMI?

Friends, when Battleground Mobile India was launched in our India country, on the same day this game was downloaded by 5 million people, 5 million i.e. it was downloaded by 50 lakh people, but at present, this game has 1 download. Have done. It has been downloaded by over a million people, which is a big deal in itself.

How Many Downloads Of BGMI
How Many Downloads Of BGMI

FAQ: Battlegrounds Mobile India

Will Battleground Mobile India get banned in our country?

This question is still coming into the minds of many people that like Pubg mobile games, will the Indian government ban this game too, but friends tell you that Battleground Mobile India is not a Chinese game in any way and our Indian government Banned only Chinese app.

What is the minimum age you need to play Babelgrounds Mobile India?

The company had announced while launching this game that if a player is under 18 years of age then he cannot play this game and if he wants to play this game then he has to take permission of his parents.

How to download Battlegrounds Mobile India?

You all can download Battlegrounds Mobile India for free from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. You can easily download this game by visiting the website.

Battleground Mobile India is good or Free Fire?

Friends Battleground Mobile India and Free Fire both are different games and both are very unique on their own level, so it would be wrong to say that Battleground Mobile India or Free Fire is better.

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