Top 5 Tips for Using Gloo Wall to Defense in Free Fire

Top 5 Tips for Using Gloo Wall to Defense in Free Fire

Top 5 Tips for Using Gloo Wall to Defense in Free Fire

Learning how to use a gloo wall in Free Fire will give any player a huge tactical advantage in the game. Although they can be used aggressively, their primary role is to provide defense against oncoming fire.

While there are many ways to use gloo walls, using them in certain situations, or knowing when to use them, will make all the difference. With a little practice and following a few essential tips, any player can master the gloo wall.

Top 5 Tips to Remember When Using gloo Walls to Protect in Free Fire

5) Deploying gloo walls should become a natural reflex.

The most important thing to remember when using a gloo wall in Free Fire is that it should become a natural reflex rather than an idea. Players need to practice applying gloo wall over and over again to get better.

During stressful situations, players should not think about applying a gloo wall but should do so when a shot hits them. Being able to gloo walls into a natural reflex is the first step towards mastering this tactical item.

4) Stack gloo walls to gain protection from opponents firing from high ground

When faced with enemies in Free Fire that have a high ground advantage, players should not run away, but instead, deploy double gloo walls. stacked one on top of the other. This will provide protection against shots coming from high ground.

Even though gloo walls provide cover, staying behind them for long periods of time when facing opponents on high ground is not a good idea. Players will eventually have to move around to find natural cover or escape from the enemy.

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3) Use gloo Walls When Crossing Open Areas

When crossing vast open areas to roam free fire or run to a safe zone, players must make sure they are carrying enough gloo walls over them. More often than not, opponents will camp at the edges of the safe zone and shoot at players trying to reach security.

With the help of the gloo Wall, players will be able to quell the incoming fire, and with a little luck and timing, enter a relatively safe area. Once inside the safe zone, players can either counter-attack or move around as needed.

2) Always apply gloo wall to campers on the run

Rushing in Free Fire is a commonly used strategy that many players employ during a match. While this is not the safest way to take out an enemy from a well-defended position, it is the fastest.

While fleeing campers aren’t always safe, using gloo walls can significantly reduce the danger. They not only protect players from incoming fire, but can also be used to perform micro-rotations during rushes, and allow players to stun enemies who are in camp.

1) Deploy two layers of gloo walls when enemies throw grenades

Often during firing in Free Fire, after the player has placed a gloo wall, the opponent will throw a grenade behind him. Now, while grenades are easy to dodge, cooked grenades are not easy to dodge.

Players often fall short of these tactics or are eliminated. However, there is an easier way to avoid dying. Instead of building a single gloo wall, players must build two of them close to each other. Instead of overtaking a baked grenade, players can take cover behind another gloo wall or deploy it immediately to be safe.

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